Visioni3 has invaluable experience in conducting various kind of projects, both for public institutions and private sector clients. We ensure that when we execute a project – whether it is a survey, stakeholder or policy map, or a more extensive project – that we provide our clients with an outcome exactly meeting their objectives.

Throughout the project we are guided by a work plan with intermediate goals and deadlines, agreed upon with the client at the start. Also during the project we ensure a level of dialogue based on the client’s expectations. In conducting these projects, we are able to utilize our thorough organizational capacities, our exhaustive knowledge, research expertise and extensive network depending on the projects requirements. We present the results in a way tailored to the specific needs of the client, for example in the form of a user-friendly database or a comprehensive report, and if desired accompanied by a presentation to inform a wider audience.

In the past, Europe Analytica has undertaken